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  • Frenchteacher
  • Bonjour ! Je suis professeur de Fle depuis dix ans et j'adore mon travail. J'aime partager mes connaissances et apprendre toujours plus sur ma culture avec les questions de mes étudiants. N'hésitez pas à me contacter !
  • Bonjour ! Je suis professeur de Fle depuis dix ans et j'adore mon travail. J'aime partager mes connaissances et apprendre toujours plus sur ma culture avec les questions de mes étudiants. N'hésitez pas à me contacter !

What my students say;

"You have been a fantastic teacher and a friend. My move to France would have been positively awful had I not had such a wonderful tuition by you. You are truly an energetic, interesting person who makes people at ease and comfortable in your company. Thank you for everything, Nikki. (Nikki's own website to help you to move to France; http://frenchentree.com)."


"Vanessa is an excellent teacher who makes lessons interesting and fun. Her knowledge of French, French customs and history is second to none and her English is as good as any native. Her teaching methods are extremely motivating and encouraging and I now feel confident in travelling to France knowing I can understand, speak and read the language. Learning French has been a wonderful experience.  Carol, Richmond." 


"Vanessa, I just wanted to let you know how the exam [To enter the business school INSEAD in Fontainebleau http://www.insead.edu] went and to thank you for your wonderful teaching. I passed! The standard was a lot lower than how you describe the DELF - but the grammar was quite tough and only the quality of your teaching made it easier than it was. Still I want to say that you are the best teacher I have come across in a long time (and I have had many!). Sanjiv, Boston Consulting Group, London W1."


 "Vanessa is a brilliant teacher! Bright and full of energy, she ensures that lessons are captivating and fun. She is also highly organised, so each course – and every lesson within it – is carefully structured to make sure that the many aspects of French language and culture are covered, as well as various ways of learning – for example, reading, writing, listening and speaking. I would whole-heartedly recommend Vanessa to any potential student! Gareth Trew, actor and writer." (To learn about Gareth's publications, check at http://garethtrew.wordpress.com).


"I've really enjoyed the lessons so far. Their content has been varied; we've covered a number of different topics. Vanessa is extremely approachable and helpful, and manages to convey things in French in such a way that, even with my limited vocabulary, they are instantly understandable. Michael, Stockwell."




Business French testimonials

I have been a student of Vanessa for over 3 years. I have without question improved my French greatly, and naturally I am delighted at such personal progress. Each class has appropriate structure, varied content, but with enough flexibility to allow a free-flow of everyday conversational French.

I look forward to continuing with Vanessa in the future, and am very happy to recommend her to prospective students.


Yours sincerely,

Allan R Peters

Co-Partner & Owner – Charles Worthington


Vanessa is as flexible with scheduling lessons around my workload as she is on the topics we discuss within our lessons. I value and appreciate that.
Where Vanessa is not flexible? On ensuring you are streched, little by little, with each lesson. Looking back over three years -
I've come a long way from being able to order a coffee in a cafe and am now starting to increase my confidence in handling materials received from colleagues in France.
Happy to recommend this friendly fantastic teacher!
Hugh, Consultant at Aon

Translation services

My organisation, Children in Crisis, an overseas development NGO, has enlisted the translation services of Vanessa-George Barraud to translate a number of key documents from English into French. One such document, an External Evaluation Report of our work in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), was widely disseminated in-country, to internal and external audiences, including officials from the Ministry of Education in DRC. The translation of this Report had to be of a high standard, and Vanessa did not let us down; the quality of her translation and her attention to the schedule is excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vanessa to other organisations, development based or otherwise.’’


Sarah Rowse, Director of Programmes.


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Conversation formelle (Vous) ;
- Bonjour monsieur, comment vous vous_appelez ?
- Pierre. Enchanté. Et vous ?
- Béatrice. Vous_êtes Français ?
- Non, je suis Suisse. Et vous ?
- Oui, je suis Française, je viens de Lyon. Vous connaissez ?
- Bien sûr, mon frère habite_à Lyon. C'est magnifique.
- Quelle_est votre profession, Pierre ?
- Je suis banquier. Et vous, qu'est-ce que vous faites ?
- Je suis directrice d'une_agence de voyages.
- Ah, c'est_intéressant, j'adore voyager !
Hello/good day sir, what's your name? (Literaly "How do you call yourself?)
Pierre, nice to meet you (literaly "charmed"). And you?
Beatrice. Are you French? (literaly "You are French?")
No, I'm swiss. And you?
Yes, I am French, I come from (To come from = venir de) Lyon. You know? (Meaning "have you been there?" to know = connaitre)
Of course, my brother lives (to live = habiter) in Lyon. It's magnificent (meaning "it's a beautiful city").
What is your profession, Pierre?
I am a banquer (note that, in French, you don't say "a" banquer but just "I am banquer". And you, what do you do? (to do = faire).
I am a director of a travel agency.
Ah, it is interesting (how interesting), I love travelling (to love = adorer).
Observez ;
La profession, comme la nationalité, change pour un homme (for a man) ou pour une femme (for a woman).
En général, il y a (there is) un e pour les femmes, mais (but) vous ne prononcez pas;
I am a lawyer:
Je suis_avocat (don't pronounce the t) - je suis_avocate (Pronounce the t but not the e).
I am a student:
Je suis_étudiant - je suis_étudiante
I am an assistant:
Je suis_assistant - je suis_assistante
I am an employee:
Je suis_employé - je sui_employée (you can't hear any difference in pronounciation because of the accent on the first "e").
Petite différence;
I am a baker:
Je suis boulanger - je suis boulangère
I am a nurse:
Je suis_infirmier - je suis_infirmière
Aussi (also);
I am a director:
Je suis directeur (man speaking) - Je suis directrice (woman)
I am an editor/publisher:
je suis_éditeur - je suis_éditrice
I am an actor:
Je suis_acteur - je suis_actrice
I am a presentor:
Je suis présentateur - présentatrice
I am a waiter:
Je suis serveur - je suis serveuse (from the verbe to serve = servir)
I'm a researcher:
Je suis chercheur - je suis chercheuse
I am a comedian:
Je suis comédien - je suis comédienne
I am a musician:
Je suis musicien - Je suis musicienne
Parfois (sometimes), pas de différence (no difference);
Architecte (don't pronounce arkitect but arshitect)
Pilote (I is eee)
As you can see, many professions are almost the same in French as in English. You'll just have to learn about the endings.
Here are some professions;







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